Welingkar Institute of Management

Prin L N Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research is one of the top-rated and demanding B-Schools in India that offers management education. The institute is established in the year 1977, under the oldest trusts in the field of education the S.P. Mandali Trust. Welingkar Weschool have two different locations, one is in Mumbai and the other is in Bangalore. The study programs in both college campuses are handled by world-class faculty to shape up students that make an impact in the competitive corporate world. Prin Ln Welingkar Institute of Management is also available along with full-time Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses, Master in Management Studies course, and other Part-time programs.

Welingkar Weschool Placements is providing lots of opportunities to management candidates for many years. Through a powerful selection process, a college chooses students having a high level of integrity, a sense of purpose, and adaptability to change. By providing a wonderful mixture of extremely qualified schools and unmatched course content, Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research ensures that its students are well ready to step into this volatile company world and occupy positions of stature.

Welingkar Advantages

Welingkar Eligibility Criteria

Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management development & research offers you the best management education. The university has the best faculty that delivers the best quality lectures and coordinates with students. Below we have the Welingkar Eligibility Criteria for admission in the Top PGDM colleges in India.

Welingkar Campus

Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research offers management in MBA in multiple programs to students With top-class infrastructure and advanced facilities, the college is ranked in the list of PGDM top colleges in India. Welingkar campus grants the below-mentioned facilities to students:

Placement Statistics

Placement Percentage : 100%

Highest Package : PGDM International Package - 16.89LPA,  Domestic Package -14 LPA, PGDM E Business - 11.75LPA, PGDM Business Design -13.22LPA, PGDM - Research & BA - 10.5, PGDM - HCM -10 LPA, PGDM M & E - 11.75LPA, PGDM RM - 17 LPA, PGDM Retail - 11.05 LPA

Average Package : PGDM - 7.99LPA, PGDM E Business - 8.17 LPA, PGDM Business Design - 7.97LPA, PGDM - Research & BA - 7.71 LPA, PGDM - HCM - 7.32 LPA, PGDM - 6.46 LPA, PGDM RM - 7.87 LPA, PGDM Retail - 8.17 LPA